A Lover of Logistics

From: XXXX
Sent: Thursday, August 18, 2005 4:55 PM
Subject: Contact Info & Drinks

Many of you know that today is my last day before I head off to XXXX to study Financial Economics.

For the others: Surprise!

Thanks to the wonders of Voice over IP, I will have a New York number in addition to a UK number that rings to the same line while I am overseas (so that even though you are calling a New York number and saving money, I will pick up a phone in the UK. Miraculous, no?):

New York phone # - XXXX
UK phone # - XXXX

I will keep my current cell phone number, but will only check the voicemail left on it periodically while I'm away - XXXX.

I regularly check the following personal e-mails:


Regular mail can be sent to the following address:


I will make rounds to offices starting at 5:30 for personal goodbye's.  At 6:30, some of us will gather at Connolly's to celebrate my little-known Irish heritage (45th b/w 6th & 7th).

Feel free to stop by my office or Connolly's.

Best wishes,


The "+":
  • Not saying anything about the people from whom you are departing in a departure email is kind of boss.
The "-":
  • TMI, Rainman.  You lost me at "the wonders of Voice Over IP."
  • "...goodbye's"
  • If you want to show off that you went to a fancy school (it's not that fancy), one last time, just in case not everyone at the office knows (they do), then do it.  But don't hide your Winklevoss with an alternate personal email address.
  • Despite being inundated with a ton of info, I still don't know if the last directive means that I should go to your office at 6:29 PM so that we can all go to the bar together, or if I have from 4:55 PM to 5:30 PM to visit you in your office in the event that I cannot make it for drinks.


Caleb said...

If my choice were to go to see this guy off or attend an ugly-annoying-chick convention, I would honestly have to think about it.

3 phone numbers, 2 emails, 3 mailing addresses. Yeah, this guy's getting laid (not).

joe said...


Thank you for explaining VOIP is Voice Over, but at the same time assuming i would know IP stands for internet protocol.