Seeking Submissions


Looks like you've stumbled upon Last Day at the Office Emails in its infancy!

Right now the site is in its initial submission seeking phase.

Please take a minute to send any real Last Day at the Office farewell-type emails to (You don't need to include the periods.)

There really is only one submission requirement:
1. That they are real.

You can send me ones you've written or ones that you've received. You can delete all the names so that they are anonymous (if you don't, I will do it for you before I post them). They can be short or long, funny or serious, sentimental or passive-aggressive, the sky's the limit!

See ya later, and please come by again to check out some Last Day at the Office Emails!


Anonymous said...

Great website! Still in its infancy, to be sure, but what a beginning.

I'm sorry I cannot yet provide a submission. Nonetheless, this URL is now proudly added to my Google Reader for reference and inspiration. I hope to be able to plagerize from some of its posts soon.

Best wishes to all!

Last Day Emails said...

Thanks Anonymous!!