When the Administrative Staff Peaces Out, Punctuation Takes a Backseat

Here is a Last Day Email from an administrative staff member at a New York law firm who is leaving the law to work, client-side, for a bank (envious much, litigators?). And although the message itself is calm and subdued, the punctuation is unbelievably punishing. So much so, that it makes you wonder, "Hey, is this person f*cking with me?" That kind of ambiguity is, of course, a hallmark of a great, passive-aggressive, "up yours," kinda departure email.

Without further ado:

From: XXXX
Sent: Friday, May 27, 2011 3:50 PM

Today is my Last day at the firm .

I'll be moving to Central Florida's space coast and taking up a position at XXXX .

I can not thank everyone enough for their support, Love, friendship & Guidance through out my 5 years at the firm. I am truly Humbled by your support.

Please feel free to contact me if your ever in the Orlando or Space coast area.

I can be reached at XXXX@gmail.com.

For now farewell , I look forward to seeing everyone again



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